Review: tick, tick... BOOM
by Roger B.A. Klorese for November 22nd, 2014
"One of the most exciting things about SecondStory is its effort to let some of the town's strongest performers strut their directing stuff."

Review: A Little Night Music
by Miryam Gordon for
"SecondStory Rep has managed to really get it right, even with much less of a budget than other musical houses around town. Kudos to the little theater that can."

Review: Kiss of the Spider Woman
by David-Edward Hughes for
"Esteemed Seattle actor/singer Billie Wildrick makes a promising directorial debut with this show... eliciting a sincere and at times perfectly emotionally pitched performances from Ryan McCabe, whose Molina shows the grit of the man under the fey façade, and McCabe's voice shows impressive range and power."

Review: How to Succeed in Business...
by Karmen for February 28, 2013
"I also forgot how great some of the songs were. Overall, I actually like this production more than my recent attendance to The Music Man."

Review: Rent
by David-Edward Hughes for
"Joshua Downs is simply wonderful and moving as Tom Collins and, paired with Bo
Mellinger's campy, flashy yet never exaggerated work as Angel, they are the best
coupling onstage, soaring through numbers like 'Santa Fe' and 'Today for You.'
Tori Spero is enormously appealing and vocally on her 'A' game, taking her big
number 'Over the Moon' over the moon and then some."

Review: Rent
by Chosen Magazine April 25, 2013
"In addition to this visual splendor, the casting choices for the principle
characters are nearly perfect. In particular, Andrew Murray as Mark and Joshua
Downs as Collins seem to have been inspired selections."

Review: Rent
by Cassondra Brown for April 18, 2013
"The pair that steals the show by far is the philosopher and teacher, Collins,
played by Joshua Downs, and the street musician Angel (Bo Mellinger). Joshua
steals the show when he performs 'I’ll Cover You', and it works so well because
the development of Collins’ relationship with Angel, is so clear from beginning to
end. You feel as if you are a part of their lives, watching first hand as they
fall in love, and deal with illness and loss."

Review: Moon Over Buffalo
by David-Edward Hughes for
"Buddy Mahoney is at the top of his game as George, a strutting, egotistical and
lecherous old hambone, and his drunk scene is simply glorious. Bradetta Vines
brings a powerful comic energy to Charlotte, and a booming delivery that could
out-Merm Ethel Merman. Sara Trowbridge as the Hays' daughter Roz garners guffaws,
especially when, in a Private Lives scene, papa George misses an entrance which
she must cover, and then shows up as Cyrano instead of Elyot."

Review: Rent
by Jerry Kraft for April 13, 2013
"Bo Mellinger created an Angel who was sweet and adorable, full of style and spunk
but never superficial, an unforgettable creature of courage and vulnerability,
dignity and self-respect. It was easy to understand how Joshua Downs’ Collins fell
in love with Angel, but after her death, when he sings 'I’ll Cover You' his
integrity, the depth of his loss and the power of his love underscored everything
else that the rest of the evening had been trying to assert. If you didn’t believe
every note of that song then you couldn’t believe anything else in the show."

Review: Cabaret
by Jerry Kraft for September 30, 2012
"A good part of that can be attributed to the distinctive performance of Robbie
Turner as the Emcee. His sexually ambiguous, salacious master of ceremonies
without a name had not a trace of Joel Grey, not a trace of anyone I’ve ever seen
do this role before. He sang very well, but most of all he convinced us that the
Klub was his world, and that what we learn about it, and about everyone in it, is
all that we’ll ever learn about him. It is, perhaps, all there is to him. His
degradation through course of the action was pitiful and moving, exactly as it is
supposed to be."

Review: Duck for President
by Laura Spruce Wight for Seattle's Child
"Kids get a fun lesson in how our electoral process works and come away
understanding things like what a debate is and why it is important to vote. I
loved that the play included a musical salute to Susan B. Anthony and nods to
various presidents throughout history."

Review: Cabaret
by Suzy Conn for August 19 2012
"I've seen Cabaret many times and this is unlike any production I've seen. Troy has done a brilliant job of taking us to a different world, and at the same time showing us the world we live in right now. I loved his use of the ensemble being on stage all the time, and what it made me think about was the apathy of the German people, and the rest of the world, who sat back and watched the Nazi rise to power, one incremental step at a time."

2012 Awards
January 14, 2013
SSR receives SEVEN awards for 2012 including; for CABARET: Best Direction & Choreography (Troy Wageman), Best Lighting Design (Alyssa Milione), Best Scenic Design (Mark Chenovick), and Best Musical. And for AMADEUS: Best Featured Actress in a Play (Leslie Wisdom), and Best Sound Design (Megan Chenovick). 

Review: Forever Plaid
by David Galvin for Scripta Manent July 16, 2012
"'Forever Plaid' is a distinctive and magical production, a mingling of music and drama with a healthy dose of a wistful flashback concert performance. It is a step back in time, an enjoyable revisiting for an evening the nostalgic and simple pleasure of the vocal harmony of the four part boy groups of the 50’s like the Four Aces, Four Coins, Four Freshmen, Four Lads, Four Preps, Hi-Lo’s and Kirby Stone Four."

Review: Amadeus
by Katherine Luck for Crosscut, April 10, 2012
"For an artist, perhaps the worst fate isn’t the antipathy of critics or the hostility of the public. It’s the awareness that one’s work is neither great nor terrible, merely mediocre. For the once notable and now forgotten 18th-century composer Antonio Salieri, this agonizing sense of his own mediocrity forms the pivot around which the tragedy of Amadeus­ spirals."

Rocky Horror and More at Redmond TV
by Patrick Hirsch for RCTV, March 16, 2012
"RCTV was created in 1996 as a comprehensive and convenient way for residents to receive information about issues, services and events within Redmond. Recently, Patrick Hirsch sat down with former SSR Artistic Director, Corey McDaniel, to chat about Rocky Horror and SecondStory Repertory."

A Parent’s Review: A Year with Frog and Toad
by Wenda Reed for Seattle's Child, May 10, 2011
"My favorite part of Second Story Repertory’s gentle musical, A Year with Frog and Toad, was the snail. In round glasses, with antenna on his head and a fabric shell on his back, Snail propels a red scooter sloooowly across the stage, singing about how he’s rushing to deliver a letter from Frog to Toad. His mission is a running gag throughout the 50-minute performance ...

Review: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S: 'Spelling Bee' takes the stage at SSR
by Dusty Somers for Redmond Patch,
April 1, 2011
The pressure to succeed teams up with a bundle of adolescent angst and meets
 within the confines of an antiseptic middle school gym. But don’t worry — this is a comedy....

A Parent’s Review: The Boy Who Cried Wolf at SecondStory Repertory
by Wenda Reed for Seattle's Child, Match 9, 2011
“Wolf! Wolf!” the children cry, as the character in black leather, furry hands and feet and pointed teeth, sneaks in among the droll cardboard sheep with their movable heads. The boy who’s been reluctantly guarding them hasn’t noticed, never expecting to see a real wolf....

New Executive Director Brings Fresh Vision to SecondStory Repertory
by Dusty Somers for Redmond Patch, February 15th, 2011
If tension doesn’t sound like a desirable workplace quality, the theater might not be your calling. For Mark Chenovick, executive director at SecondStory Repertory, it’s essential...

New executive director for SSR bringing theater back to life
by Samantha Pak for the Redmond Reporter, January 27, 2011
Mark Chenovick's first time on a theatre stage was at age 9 — and he's been hooked ever since. He was in a musical about Thomas Jefferson and had to sing seven songs and memorize 50 pages of text. And while that much work could have turned many children off, Chenovick was bitten by the theater bug. The Helena, Mont. native spent his life working on and off stage in various capacities and is now executive director of the SecondStory Repertory (SSR) in Redmond Town Center...

A Parent’s Review: Sleeping Beauty at SecondStory Repertory
by Laura Spruce Wight for Seattle's Child, January 12, 2011
SecondStory Repertory’s Sleeping Beauty is a magical reminder that this fairy tale existed long before Disney’s version graced the screen in 1959. If you have a fan of the silvery-voiced Aurora living in your house, the basic plots are the same: beloved baby princess is cursed by evil witch, pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and falls asleep until the enchantment is broken by her true love’s kiss. The similarities end there...



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