The Theater for Young Audiences Series is appropriate for grade school aged children. Families with younger children are encouraged to attend our all-ages shows on Sundays.
Sat at 1pm & 3pm and Sunday at 1pm and 3pm
Single Tickets:
$10.00 (all ages)
Sunday Discount: $5.00 ages 1 to 3 and FREE for children under 1
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September 17, 2016 - October 2, 2016
The Barber's Wife
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Pat Haines-Ainsworth
Music by Terence Levitt
Directed by Pat Haines-Ainsworth
Music Direction by Terence Levitt

“The Barber’s Wife” is the story of Shankar, the village barber, and his clever wife, Indrani, as they try to better their lives while outwitting a pair of very determined, but not-so-clever thieves.  This new musical for young audiences is an adaptation of a folktale from northwest India.  After tricking the thieves into helping them plow their field, Indrani uses her quick wit to outmaneuver and thwart the thieves’ plans to steal the barber’s savings.  Each time the thieves return, she manages to outsmart them until finally she devises a plan to send them on their way for good. 


October 22, 2016 - November 13, 2016
The Snow Queen
Adapted from the Hans Christian Anderson by Sean Mitchell
Music & Lyrics by John Allman
Directed by Brad Walker
Music Direction by Kim Douglass

In this new adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, Gerda is separated from her best friend Kai by the Snow Queen, and vows to find him no matter what happens.  On her journey she faces many distractions and obstacles, but with the help of her friends the Mirror, Crow and Robbie, she is able to defeat the Snow Queen and save Kai.


December 2, 2016 - December 22, 2016
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Written b
y Charles M. Schulz
Based on the television special by Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson
Stage Adaptation by Eric Schaeffer
By Special Arrangement with Arthur Whitelaw and Ruby Persson

Directed by VJ Orduna
Music Direction by John Allman

The classic animated television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas comes to life in this faithful stage adaptation where Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the other members of the Peanuts gang grapple with the real meaning of Christmas. When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism he sees among everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant. Charlie Brown accepts, but this proves to be a frustrating endeavor. When an attempt to restore the proper holiday spirit with a forlorn little Christmas fir tree fails, he needs Linus’ help to discover the real meaning of Christmas.


January 7, 2017 - January 28, 2017
Curious George: The Golden Meatball
Music by John Kavanaugh
Book and Lyrics by Jeremy Desmon
Based on the books by Margret and H.A. Rey and the Play, Owned by Universal Stage Productions
Directed by Kyle Traver
Music Direction by Greg Smith

All You-Can-Eat Meatball Day came just once a year. George had been waiting all month for that day, a day almost bigger than his birthday! On Meatball Day, George helped his friend, Chef Pisghetti, cook some delicious meatballs and serve them to the hungry crowd. But this year, the crowd had vanished! Something was keeping people away... something pretty big. And that something was Phinneas T. Lightspeed and his speedy Meatballs-o-Matic machine. In despair, Chef Pisghetti vows to cook no more. Determined to help his friend, George goes on a mission to enter the Chef's meatballs in the world-famous Golden Meatball Contest in Rome.


February 11, 2017 - March 5, 2017
Elephant and Piggie's "We Are in a Play!"
Book and Lyrics by Mo Willems
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
Based on the Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems
Directed by Sam Pettit
Music Direction by Rebecca Fredrickson

An elephant named Gerald and a pig named Piggie are best, best, "bestus" (a word Gerald and Piggie made up that means "very best") friends. But Gerald worries that something could go wrong that would end their friendship. Piggie is not worried at all. She's even happier and more excited than usual. That's because she and Gerald are invited to a party hosted by the Squirrelles, three singing squirrels who love to have a good time. And so begins a day when anything is possible.


March 25, 2017 - April 15, 2017
A Year with Frog and Toad
Book and Lyrics by Willie Reale
Music by Robert Reale
Based on the books by Arnold Lobel
Directed by Adam Minton
Music Direction by Rebecca Fredrickson

Waking from hibernation in the Spring, Frog and Toad plant gardens, swim, rake leaves, go sledding and learn life lessons along the way. The two best friends celebrate and rejoice in the differences that make them unique and special. Part vaudeville, part make believe... all charm, A Year with Frog and Toad tells the story of a friendship that endures throughout the seasons.


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